Stephen Pearce

Steve PearceThe firesale in Pittsburgh continues, as Adam LaRoche (their streaky, semi-power hitting first baseman) was traded to the Boston Red Sox.  The trade increases Pearce’s value, who should take over at first for the remainder of the season. 

Pearce is worth a look in keeper leagues.  He was one of the Pirates’ top prospects after the ’07 season when he hit .334 in AA.  His elite prospect status declined after a less successful ’08 season, but he still has the opportunity to become a solid major league first baseman. 

There are tons of reasons adding Pearce might not work out.  The biggest reason is Pittsburgh has Pedro Alvarez in AA.  Alvarez, the Pirates’ top prospect, has been having trouble at third base thus far meaning he could move to first since Andy LaRoche has been playing reasonably well.   Nevertheless, Pearce is worth a look for teams wanting to take a flyer on someone in a keeper league.