Deep League Sleepers….

Lugo3Julio Lugo (SS, Cardinals) —Lugo was never as good as the contract he signed in Boston, but he is not as bad as they say.  He has been on fire since he was traded to the Cardinals, and should be at the top of their lineup the rest of this season. This could lead to surprising production.

Jim Johnson (RP, Orioles)—Johnson stands to benefit from George Sherrill being traded because he will take over as Baltimore’s closer. No guarantees he will be successful, but he could be a good source of cheap saves.

Michael Saunders (OF, Mariners)—one of the most underrated players in the minors over the last few seasons. He was called up as Seattle’s starting CF and is a great option in keeper leagues.

Matt Latos (P, Padres)—Latos was called up by the Padres after posting great minor league numbers. He has the chance to become a solid major league starter, and is worth grabbing right away.

Gaby Sanchez (1B/3B, Marlins)—Sanchez is a solid hitter who was called up last week by the Marlins. The Marlins played him at third to determine whether he could replace Bonifacio, but he has begun his major league career as a backup. Nevertheless, he’s an excellent long-term pickup and a solid “right now” pickup if you gamble he’ll start picking up additional AB’s.