Brandon Allen


Hitting .256 and striking out on average once a game through his minor league career, Brendon Allen has not been on many prospect lists if any.  He has always been known as a power hitter but has been unable to put together the total offensive package until this year.  Allen is hitting over .300 this season thanks in large part to the fact that he has brought his strikeouts down dramatically.  Not only that but he has maintained his power, showing it off by hitting five homers in his first week with his new team in the Arizona organization.  The important thing in all of this is that he is only 23 years old this year.  Given that and the fact that the Diamondbacks do not have a lot of depth at 1B means the position is wide open.  I expect him to get a call-up some time this season, in September at the latest, because the Diamondbacks had to give up Tony Pena to get him and the front office will want to show off what they are doing for the future.  This young hitter is worth a roster spot in keeper leagues because as he matures he could pay huge dividends in future seasons.