Cleveland’s Next Catcher


There is big news surrounding the Indian’s catcher and no I’m not talking about Victor Martinez going to Boston. Although I should say Victor Martinez will produce as good if not better numbers in Boston. The story here is who will succeed Martinez behind the plate in Cleveland and ESPN has it wrong.

Lou Marson is a solid catching prospect. He was hitting .294 with one home run and 24 RBI for Triple-A Lehigh Valley before he was traded to the Indians. He was ranked as the #3 prospect in the Phillies organization by Baseball America and projects as a contributing starter.

But, the real story here is that Carlos Santana finally has a chance at claiming a spot on the Major League roster. The number one prospect in the Indians’ organization, Santana has always been able to hit. Last season he had a .994 OPS on his way to Class A California League MVP honors. He has the making of a Pablo Sandoval who is isn’t as free a swinger. He better keep hitting though as he probably won’t be ready until the end of 2010 and Marson is a little more seasoned. (But who’s to say that both Marson and Santana won’t make the team out of Spring Training, I mean if both are at least sufficient why would you hold on to Shoppach if you could get something solid in return and everyone wants a good catcher.)

So I guess I’m saying take either if you can get them, but if you have a choice pick Santana the heir apparent in Cleveland.