Carlos Beltran & Microfracture Surgery

BeltranCarlos Beltran was having one of his best seasons before going on the disabled list in late-June.  What was supposed to be a short DL stint has turned into what looks like a season-ending injury.  Beltran has been one of the best power/speed combinations in baseball over the last ten years.  If healthy, he has the potential to post stellar numbers through around 2015, and earn a place in Cooperstown.

There is concern, however, this injury will affect Beltran’s long-term performance because reports list him as a candidate for microfracture surgery.  This procedure has destroyed the careers of many great athletes (Chris Webber, Penny Hardaway, Stephen Davis, etc).  It’s questionable how this translates to baseball because it’s probably easier to play baseball on a bad knee.

 I’ve disliked the Mets since the 1986 NLCS (beat the ‘Stros), but if Beltran never returns to full strength, it raises questions whether the Mets made a “Varsity Blues”-like mistake giving Beltran a cortisone shot in May.  If the Mets try to bring Beltran back this season, maybe they’ll win the World Series after Beltran takes over as GM following a James van der Beek-led revolt  (note: clip posted for unintentional humor…even though I sorta like that movie).   The more realistic option is for Beltran to return next year (possibly mid-season) as a.270-.280 hitter with 20 HR power and less stolen base potential.