Daniel Hudson

The quest for starting pitching is never ending. One under the radar Chicago White Sox rising prospect and potential call up is Daniel Hudson. Earlier in the week his potential call up was mentioned here and here. Drafted in 2008, Hudson has moved quickly through the minor league system with what Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune calls “Mark Prioresque” numbers. Annoying reference aside, Hudson has had tons of strikeouts through the minors and last Friday had a dominating performance in AAA. He is next in line if Jose Contreras falters or if Peavy is not able to return from the DL as expected.  Because of the White Sox’s lack of pitching depth I’m guessing Hudson will get a September call up at the very least and if so, he is worth picking up.  Remember the White Sox started the season with Jose Contreras and Bartolo Colon as the back of their rotation so I would say they are open to ideas for improvement in 2010.  Daniel Hudson will be a serious candidate for the 2010 starting rotation but he will cheaper now than after a good Spring Training.