Free Agent News

With the World Series still in progress there won’t be many headlines as Selig frowns upon anyone directing any attention away from the Fall Classic.  But teams are antsy to get a jump on next season so the “hot stove” is starting to heat up.  Many, including ESPN’s Buster Olney, suspect that the recent woes of the economy will have a big impact on free agents.  Many believe that teams are taking a hard look at their arbitration eligible, players with three to five years of Major League experience, to decide if they are worth the raise they most surely will get.  This will heat up the trade market as teams will try to trade those players they deem too expensive in the hopes of getting something in return because the only other option is to non-tender that player.  Ultimately these players will flood the market and it could be a tough winter for free agents.  Expect the trade market to be active after the World Series.

The Giants have been aggressive early Phillies Giants Baseballsigning Freddy Sanchez to a two year deal. I think Sanchez was smart to take the money and I bet Uribe will regret waiting it out as I predict that offers will only decrease as the winter unfolds.  San Francisco will continue to try to improve their lineup so expect them to sign a big bat, possibly Jason Bay.  If San Francisco is able to improve their lineup their starting pitching will only become more valuable.  It will be interesting to see what happens with Bengie Molina as they try and make room for Buster Posey….  Also noted in the article is that the Giants placed Noah Lowry on outright waivers, supporting the theory mentioned above regarding the upcoming flood of free agents on the market.  Noah Lowry will end up somewhere but his future as a fantasy contributor is “to be determined” as he is now just getting over injuries he has dealt with for the past two seasons.

CHAPMAN_CUBS_24.JPGBelieve it or not the Cubs have been fielding some interest for Milton Bradley.  That was a terrible move by the Cubs and they’ll have to absorb his contract in some way to get rid of him but I expect them to do it if they can get any value in return.  In terms of fantasy baseball, stay away from the whole situation.  Bradley does have a bat but why take the risk or the headache.