AFL Preview: Scottsdale Scorpions

t544_logo_lgTeams: Arizona, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Colorado, Pittsburgh

Overview: If the Scorpions played in the Major Leagues, they already have enough hitters to potentially win 70 games a season.

Top Prospect: Buster Posey, who in two years has emerged as a potential star since converting to catcher at Florida State.  Posey should be a key player for the Giants beginning next season.

Other Prospects: Surrounding Posey are several other standout hitting prospects.  Most notably, Phillies’ outfielder Dominic Brown is a player the team refused to trade during their efforts to pickup a top arm at the deadline.  Pittsburgh standout Jose Tabata shows solid offensive potential and could reach the Major Leagues reasonably soon.  On the infield, the Diamondbacks’ Brandon Allen has the potential to hit a large number of home runs while former Rice standout Brian Friday hits for a high batting average.  I am less familiar with their pitching staff.  The only two names I recognize are former first round pick Daniel Moskos from Clemson and Scott Mathieson, a former elite prospect from Canada who has battled arm problems.

Honorable Mention: Darin Holcomb, a 3B prospect in the Rockies organization, is an intriguing prospect.  He is someone the scouts never rank high because he’s 5’11″ and 205 lbs but he just puts up numbers (including more BB’s then K’s through his minor league career).  In fact he was the 2008 MVP of the South Atlantic League but only considered the 17th best prospect from that league according to Baseball America.  Watch him as he progresses and he could end up being a cheap but effective, however unsexy, pick for your fantasy team.  Bryan Augenstein saw some time in the Majors last season mostly as a reliever and with mixed results.  He’s a starter who was incredible at AA last year; AAA was a bit rough so maybe he was rushed but, with a good Spring Training he could be one of the first options the Diamondbacks turn to if they need a starter mid way through 2010.