AFL Preview: Peoria Javelinas

logojavelinasTeams: Milwaukee, Seattle, White Sox, Dodgers, Tigers

Overview: The Javalinas have very few recognizable players on their roster.   Most of the known prospects are in the Top 50 – 100 range so they are worth tracking because any success now could see their stock rise quickly.

Top Prospect: Dustin Ackley.  Ackley was selected second overall by the Mariners behind Strasburg and is considered one of the 2-3 best pure hitting prospects in the Minor Leagues.  After a long collegiate career he is considered fairly developed and could make the push to the Majors pretty quickly.

Other Prospects: One of the catchers on the team, Jonathan Lucroy, is an intriguing prospect.  The Brewers have been searching for an offensive catcher to replace Jason Kendall and Lucroy may be it as he has surpassed Angel Salome as the Brewers’ top catching prospect.  Also playing on this team is another OF prospect for the Dodgers, Andrew Lambo.  A youngster at 20 in AA last year he put up solid numbers and many expect him to continue the recent trend of great hitting Dodger prospects.  He’s definitely worth grabbing and stashing.  Cuban export Dayan Viciedo was given a large signing bonus by the White Sox and showed promise during his first season in the Minor Leagues.  Seattle prospect Phillippe Aumont is said to have great stuff, and could be a potential closer someday for the Mariners.  Success this winter could push him quickly to the Majors.

Honorable Mention: Scott Sizemore is someone to watch for the Tigers.  He deserves better than “Honorable Mention” because he has a chance to be the starting 2B right out of Spring Training for the Tigers in 2010 if Placido Polanco is not resigned but he has never been a big prospect.  He was injured early in the AFL so he’ll be out till January but he can hit HRs and steal some bases so he could be a great cheap buy for deep leaguers out there who just need a starter to fill that MI position.  Jordan Danks, the younger brother of John Danks, is a prospect I can’t pin down.  There are scouts on both sides of the fence regarding his future.  Many expect him to move quickly through the system but whether that is as a fourth outfielder or a regular is yet to be seen.  Lorenzo Cain in the Brewers organization is another outfield prospect to keep an eye on.  He doesn’t have much experience yet in the Minors but he’s someone the Brewers really like.