2010 Mock Draft

The following is an early prediction of the 2010 draft.  Look for this draft to be more focused on high school players since this year’s college class is not great.  While several high school players have great potential, they are worth avoiding on fantasy teams since they won’t be in the major leagues any time soon.  Here is an awesome draft ranking site, and where our rankings conflict, it might be wise to take this guy’s opinion.

  1. Washington Nationals    Bryce Harper (C, College of the Nevadas)
  2. Pittsburgh Pirates           Anthony Ranaudo (P, LSU)
  3. Baltimore Orioles            Christian Colon  (SS, Cal St. Fullerton)
  4. Kansas City Royals         Drew Pomeranz (LHP, Ole Miss)
  5. Cleveland Indians           A.J. Cole (RHP, Winter Springs, FL)
  6. Arizona D’Backs              Jameson Tallion (P, Woodlands, TX)
  7. N.Y. Mets                         Bryce Brentz (1B, Middle Tennessee State)
  8. Houston Astros              Brandon Workman (P, Texas)
  9. San Diego Padres           Stetson Allie (P, Olmstead Falls, OH)
  10. Oakland A’s                     Deck MaGuire (P, Georgia Tech)
  11. Toronto Blue Jays           James Paxton (P, Kentucky)
  12. Cincinnati Reds              Yordy Cabrera (3B, Lakeland, FL)
  13. Chicago White Sox         Levon Washington (2B, Gainesville, FL)
  14. Milwaukee Brewers        Zack Cox (IF, Arkansas)
  15. Texas Rangers               Austin Wilson (OF, Los Angeles, CA)
  16. Chicago Cubs                 Karsten Whitson (P, Chipley, FLA)
  17. Tampa Rays                   Chris Sale (P, Gulf Coast Junior College)
  18. Seattle Mariners            Manny Machado (SS, Miami FLA)
  19. Detroit Tigers                 Matt Harvey (P, North Carolina)
  20. Atlanta Braves               Cameron Bedrosian (P, Coweta, GA)
  21. Minnesota Twins            Jesse Hahn (P, Virginia Tech)
  22. Texas Rangers               Nick Castellanos (3B, Cooper City, Florida)
  23. Florida Marlins                Kevin Gausman (P, Denver Colo.)
  24. San Fransisco Giants      Dylan Covey (P, Pasadena, CA)
  25. St. Louis Cardinals         DeAndre Smelter (P, Macon, Georgia)
  26. Colorado Rockies           Yasmani Grandal (C, Univ. of Miami)
  27. Philadelphia Phillies       Chad Bettis (P, Texas Tech)
  28. LA Dodgers                    Justin O’Connor (P, Muncie Indiana)
  29. Boston Red Sox             Alex Wimmers (P, Ohio State)
  30. LA Angels                      Seth Blair (P, Arizona State)
  31. Yankees                        Kyle Blair (P, San Diego State)
  32. Tampa Rays                  Kris Bryant (3B, Las Vegas Nevada)