Halladay-Lee Trade

Roy Halladay allows two hits and throws a complete game shutout against Yankees.I’m sure you have all been reading about the Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee trade.  It is quite the blockbuster but I don’t think there are any great fantasy implications.  (And I think Billy Beane snuck in and pulled off the greatest theft in recent history).  In terms of the fantasy baseball impact Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee should both put up solid numbers again next year.  As long as Halladay is completely healthy he may even put up even greater numbers, if that’s possible, moving from the AL East to the NL East.   Otherwise the fantasy impact will be small as only two of the prospects involved have a chance of making the Majors in 2010.

Seattle gave up three prospects, most notably Phillippe Aumont, but none are highly touted prospects and Aumont’s development has slowed as of late and he was moved to the bullpen in AA bringing his potential into question.  The Phillies on the other hand gave up two great prospects, Kyle Drabek and Michael Taylor.  Drabek has rebounded from Tommy John surgery putting up very solid numbers between A and AA last season getting almost a strikeout an inning over 150 innings.  We have him as the 16th best prospect in the Minors right now and even though he won’t start 2010 in the Majors he is a very serious candidate to make it to the Majors next season depending  on what happens to the Blue Jays’ rotation.  After last season you know they don’t hesitate from promoting someone to the Big Show.

The strangest part of this trade was how Oakland was able to creep in on the trade.  Regardless of what you think of Billy Beane and Moneyball, I think Beane pulled off a hell of a trade getting Taylor for Brett Wallace. Some are skeptical as to whether or not Taylor will indeed be able to hit Major League pitching.  He is an very athletic player who is not overly talented but he has continously put up above average numbers as he has progressed through the Majors.  Believers see an easy 20/20 outfielder.  We rank Taylor and Wallce as the 22nd and 26th best fantasy prospects in baseball resepctively.  However, much of the rationale for having Wallace that high is his proximity to the Majors.  If our rankings were based on potential I’m not sure Wallace would be in the top 75. For Oakland the trade was a no-brainer because they already have a very serious prospect in Chris Carter to take over 1B and I don’t think Wallace has the defensive skills to be an everyday 3B, or position player for that matter, in the Majors.  I think he and Mat Gamel are very similar players.  Big prospects who flame out when they get close to the Majors and can’t find regualr gigs because they can’t play defense.  I hope they prove me wrong but I tend to stay away from prospects I don’t think can be anything more than DHs.  So with Carter, Wallace was expendable and Beane picked up a potential All-Star OF who could legitimately crack the 2010 Opening Day roster.