MLB Teams For Sale sale of the Texas Rangers has been a consistent MLB headline for the past several months but that may now finally be over.  If you have followed the headlines regarding the Rangers you know that Tom Hicks is desperate to keep his franchise.  Another headline came out today about the near sale of a different team stating that Uncle Drayton admitted that he had a tentative deal at the end of the ’08 season to sell the Houston Astros.  With that admission by Uncle Drayton some are thinking that the sale of the Astros could happen soon.   As a fan and follower of both teams I know that both owners love the fact that they are the owners of a MLB team and would love it to stay that way so us at Deep Leagues came up with the perfect solution for both owners to keep their teams. (Editor’s Note: For better or worse the founders and writers of Deep Leagues are both life long Astros fans.) proposal is that the Astros should offer Tom Hicks a ridiculous amount of cash in return for several players:  Nelson Cruz, Neftali Feliz, Elvis Andrus, Justin Smoak, Julio Borbon, Derek Holland, Taylor Teagarden, Tommy Hunter, Eric Hurley, Martin Perez and Tanner Scheppers.  Hicks probably needs at least $80 million in cash to keep the team (he’s $250 million in debt), and I’d say those players are easily worth that much.  I’d even pay $100 million up front because you’ll have each player at $326k over the next 4 years and you would save much more than that if you had to buy free agents to fill those positions (which the Astros do because they have no farm system).  Once you get over $120 million, it’s getting to the point where it could be a ruinous gamble much like the Carlos Lee contract put the Astros in their current position.  My logic would be that the money spent on those players exceeds the amount of money (and especially fan support) I would lose rebuilding 3-4 seasons especially with McLane’s formula for buidling teams of buying old and expensive free agents.

For this deal to happen and comply with MLB rules the teams would only need the approval of the Commissioner’s Office.  Bud Selig has been a pretty owner friendly commissioner so I bet there is a decent chance his office would give the necessary approval.  I also believe that the owners would go along with the deal because they would appreciate the fraternity doing what it could to save one of their own.

Who would you want if you were the Astros and much would you pay for those players?