Baseball Links…

Baseball Links…

I was going to do a post about player values, but instead, I wanted to post some baseball-related links.  I am a huge fan of youtube videos, and even though MLB is pretty strict on copyrights (meaning some great videos are not available), these are worth seeing if you haven’t already… 

Funny videos…
1. Tirades from Brett Myers, Lee Elia, and Hal McCrae.
2.  Funny Mound Charge (Japan)
3.  2009 Twins v. Tigers (sign stealing)
4.  Ruben Rivera’s baserunning spectacular 

 Awesome (but not funny) videos…
1.  Home Run Derby: Mays v. Mantle
2. Bryce Harper
3. Yu Darvish
4.  Bo Jackson (1989 all star game).

Worth seeing….
1. 15 Awkward baseball cards
2. Rickey Henderson stories

There are always more videos out there, so if you see one worthwhile that isn’t posted here, place it in the comments below.  Two videos we’re especially looking for are: (1) the video where Bo Jackson breaks the bat over his head; and (2) any videos involving ultra-intense little league parents (the selection on youtube is surprisingly thin).