Deep League Pitching Bargains

Deep League Pitching Bargains

We posted earlier about “deep league pitching bargains,” and classified them into three categories: (1) ex-prospects, (2) injured pitchers, and (3) fallen stars.  The previous post provides more detail about what factors to evaluate when finding these bargains, but here are several examples who should be available for below $10.   It’s worth mentioning these reccomendations are for deep leagues, and since they are bargains, they come with higher risk. 

1. Homer Bailey—one of the best Texas High School pitchers in recent memory, Bailey looked more Van Poppel than Beckett until he improved significantly in the second half of last season.  Max-Bid: $7.
2. Andrew Miller—a great collegiate pitcher, Miller was a key part of the Miguel Cabrera trade.  He has struggled in Florida, but is talented enough to become a solid pitcher.  Maximum bid: $5.
3. Ian Kennedy—the former Yankees prospect will be in Arizona’s rotation and a change in scenery (along with increased opportunity) could lead to a surprising season.  Max-bid: $5. 

Injured Pitchers
1. Ben Sheets—one of the game’s best pitchers before injuries derailed his ’09 season, it is worth seeing if Sheets can return to form.  Max-Bid: $10.
2. Chris Young—he is a very good pitcher when healthy, and since he is not a power pitcher, he should bounce back assuming he’s reasonably healthy. Max-Bid: $10. (Random fact: the Padres have more ex-Princeton Basketball players—Young and Will Venable—than the NBA..)
3. Jeff Francis—it’s worth checking his health during Spring, but he’s worth a flyer in deep leagues if his are encouraging. Max-Bid: $4. 

Fallen Stars
1. Dasiuskse Matsuzake—everything went wrong last season, but his ’08 performance was awesome, and there is also no obvious reason he cannot return to form.  Maximum bid: $10.
2. Chien-Ming Wang—less reason for optimism than Dice-K, but there is no obvious reason why Wang cannot improve.   Max-bid: $7.
3. Francisco Liriano—he will not repeat his rookie season, but since he played well in the Dominican League, he is worth a flyer if he makes the Twins’ rotation.  Max-bid: $5. 

Colby Lewis—the former prospect traveled to Japan after struggling in the major leagues and established himself as one of the Nippon League’s best pitchers.  The Rangers signed him this off-season to compete for a rotation spot…maybe he’ll be like Tom Selleck in “Mr. Baseball.”  Max-Bid: $3.