DL.com NL-Only League Farm Draft – Round 1

DL.com NL-Only League Farm Draft – Round 1

When we created Deep Leagues we also started a 13 team NL-Only league (6×6 w/ BB & IP) which we plan on discussing often on this site.  One aspect of our league that should be covered was our farm draft so over the next couple of days we will provide a recap.  Here’s a look at Round 1:

  1. Stephen Strasberg
  2. Buster Posey
  3. Mike Stanton
  4. Pedro Alvarez
  5. Aroldis Chapman
  6. Dominic Brown
  7. Starlin Castro
  8. Logan Morrison
  9. Madison Bumgarner
  10. Jason Castro
  11. Freddie Freeman
  12. Christian Friedrich
  13. Julio Teheran

I think 1 through 4 is no doubt how it should have gone.  I feel their is a mixed consensus on Chapman’s capability of reaching his full potential in the Majors so I wouldn’t have drafted him at 5.  I also have a hard time drafting pitchers because I believe they are riskier so I could see Brown, Castro and Morrison going before Chapman.  As we’ve see so far this season control has been a legit issue with Chapman.

I have been a big Castro fan but I think I would take Dominic Brown over him as it happened in our league.  I think Brown will be a monster and at this point he is more developed so he’ll be a steady contributor from the get go.  Not to say that Castro won’t be a solid contributor, I actually believe Castro will develop 15-20 HRs power, but especially early in their careers, I think his peaks and valleys will be more extreme and therefore his overall numbers will be lower than Brown’s.  Brown could be the 2011 Opening Day RF depending on what the team does but I think there is a great chance he’ll at least break the roster as a 4th outfielder.  We should see him this year too.

I understand Madison Bumgarner as the 9th overall pick but that’s too high for me.  During Spring Training he was still experiencing  a drop in velocity on his fastball that had carried over from the end of last year.  That should be a red flag.  He has since gotten his velocity back and he’s pitching well at AAA.  In fact the Giants are thinking about sending Wellemeyer down or at least taking him out of the rotation so a spot will be open soon.  The rumors are that Eric Hacker will get the call over Bumgarner as he has been more impressive at AAA.  But Bumgarner is too risky for me at 9, the risk makes him a mid to late second round pick.

Jason Castro may be high at 10 overall as the league is based in Houston (a product of hope really as hope is all we got).  But it’s not a bad pick because cheap catching is fantasy gold.

I think 11, 12 and 13 were all solid picks.  Freddie Freeman has moved along with Jason Heyward through the Braves system and he should be joining him in Atlanta soon.  The Braves have the left side of the field covered for many years to come.  I agree with taking Friedrich before Teheran because Friedrich has multiple above average pitches and is close to the Majors while Teheran’s ETA is probably 2011-2012.  Both have ace potential and are solid first round picks.