Celebrity Fantasy Baseball

Celebrity Fantasy Baseball

This post bears little relation to fantasy baseball, but it’s interesting nevertheless.   I recently read something about singer Meat Loaf being a hardcore fantasy baseball player, and for whatever reason, I was curious what other celebrities were fantasy baseball players and/or huge baseball fans.  Here are the few I could find…

Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf is one of the most intense fantasy baseball players around, celebrity or otherwise.  The 1970’s star plays in more than 50 leagues, and apparently wins a large number of them.

Geddy Lee
Next to Meat Loaf, Rush basist/singer Geddy Lee is foremost among intense celebrity fantasy baseball players.   He manages a 40-man keeper league team.

Stephen Malkmus
The frontman for the Indie-rock band Pavement is a huge fan of fantasy sports.  Here is a good interview of Malkmus discussing his team.

Ben Gibbard
I wouldn’t have guessed the connection between fantasy baseball and indie-rock, but like Stephen Malkmus, the Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard apparently loves fantasy baseball.

Richard Nixon
This one is my favorite.  Awhile back, Flint emailed me this article which discussed President Nixon (in his later life) playing fantasy baseball before most people knew it existed.   Check out the third column of the article.

Mike Mills
REM’s Mike Mills plays in the closest thing existing to a celebrity fantasy baseball league.  People from Texas reading this will also notice the singer for Austin-based band Reckless Kelly has a team in Mills’ league.

Other Huge Baseball Fans (not sure about fantasy baseball)…

George Will
The conservative writer is one of the biggest baseball fans around.  For example, his early-90′s book “Men at Work” is a baseball book I would highly reccomend.

Eddie Vedder
Vedder is a huge baseball fan.  Here is an awesome video of Vedder doing kareoke at a Best Western in Mesa, Arizona while attending a Chicago Cubs fantasy camp.

Bob Dylan
Awesome picture…check out the magazine in Bob Dylan’s hand.

Rush Limbaugh
Before Rush got involved in radio, he spent several years working for the Kansas City Royals.  He remains a  friend of former Braves’ General Manager John Schuerholz.