Site Idea: Deep Leagues Prospect Ranking Game?

Site Idea: Deep Leagues Prospect Ranking Game?

Had an idea for the site that I wanted to run by y’all.  This year, I’ve been doing a game based on our Top 250 list that I’ve had fun with, and assuming I can get 10-20 interested readers, it might be a fun way for these readers to track prospects while allowing us to get feedback on the rankings.

The rules are simple: teams have a “portfolio” of 10 prospects. You go “long” on five prospects and “short” on five prospects based on our current Top 250 list. Then, points are awarded based on the amount the prospect rises or falls on the updated lists.   For example, let’s say a team goes long on Tyler Skaggs. If Skaggs pitches well and gains 10 spots, that team gets 10 points.  But if Skaggs gets shelled and loses 10 spots, that team loses 10 points.  The next week, the team can decide to hold Skaggs or “sell” him in favor of another prospect.  Conversely, the team can “short” prospects they think are overrated and receive points based on the number of spots the prospect falls.  For example, a team that shorted Bubba Starling would gain a lot of points if he decided to play football.   On each update, I would post a spreadsheet with the standings, investments, and weekly trades.  The team with the most points at the end of the season wins. 

It would be a huge benefit for us improving the rankings b/c-in addition to betting on the prospect’s performance-the key to winning would be finding stuff I missed.  I spend about 30 minutes daily updating the rankings, but trying to update 250 guys, there is always stuff I miss (an injury, a player who should be listed, etc).  If I clearly miss something, a team could gain points by investing in the player.  It would also be an efficient way to improve weaknesses in our rankings, and generate some interesting discussion. 

The weakness is the game is based on our subjective rankings, but we would avoid a clear conflict of interest by not playing and would promise to be fair.  The other hard part is, to prevent people from trading based on known information (i.e., shorting Mejia after he gets hurt), there would be some additional rules about when trades become effective that I would explain later to anybody interested in playing.  We would also not publish trades until after each update to prevent one team from seeing another team’s trades.  The entry fee would be free.  We don’t make any money from the site, but I’d be happy to award a nominal prize (maybe $100…or I could think of something more clever).  My only concern awarding prize money is I could accidentally get people mad if  money was involved and somebody barely lost on something as subjective as our prospect rankings.

What do y’all think?  I would need at least 10 (but no more than 20) regular readers who are diligent enough to keep up even if they are not winning.  It would be a laid back year because we’re sorta trying out a new game to see how it works.  Throughout the season, we’d interact with the owners to see what other rules we would need and stuff like that.  If it works, we could expand it next year to include more people. 

If you are interested in playing, send me an email at or post in the comment board.