MLB Callup Report: May 14, 2011

MLB Callup Report: May 14, 2011

This past week brought the much anticipated call up of Eric Hosmer.  He should contribute immediately and already be gone in your league.  If he’s available in your league you probably shouldn’t be reading this site.  For the rest of us, a few other players were recently called up.  The following are a few guys who are worth a look in deeper leagues:

Fernando Martinez (RF, NYM)—Another prospect probably gone in your league but he has potential.  It feels like people don’t think as much of him as they used to but maybe it’s because he’s been in the Mets system for five seasons already.  He’s still only 22 and has potential for the combination of power and speed so I’m buying if he’s still available.  (He crushed a second level shot against the Astros while this article was being written.)  He may be up and down this season but he is worth the pick up if you have the ability to stash him.

Roger Bernadina (CF, WAS)—I was surprised Bernadina didn’t make the Opening Day roster for the Nationals.   He has great speed and instincts so he has always been seen as a viable 4th outfielder.  Now, with Nyjer Morgan traded away and Rick Ankiel not taking control of CF, Bernadina could be the CF of the future in D.C.  I may be overstating his case but he has plus plus speed and I don’t think .250 and 20+ are out of the question the rest of the way this season.  And if you get him real cheap he could be a great renewal.

Logan Forsythe (2B, SD)—A somewhat heralded prospect in the Padres organization, Forsythe has moved quickly through the organization as he makes the transition from 3B to 2B.  He has consistently put up good not great numbers in the Minors and is projected to hit for a decent average with some pop.   He is a good pickup for a rebuilding team as he should be in the mix for the starting 2B job next season.  But I don’t think he’ll contribute much this year because the Padres have Orlando Hudson and they don’t want to waste a year of his service time this season as the Padres are rebuilding too.

Andy Dirks (CF, DET)—Dirks has had a great start to season and the Tigers will try and capitalize on this with Magglio Ordonez on the DL.  From what I’ve read scouts are not too impressed with his tools but he’s the type of player who just puts up numbers and impresses managers.  There is a lot of competition in the Tigers outfield but sometimes all it takes is a hot hand and an opportunity.  The question is can he put up enough numbers at the Major league level to hold on to a spot.   If you are rebuilding he could be a cheap gamble worth considering.

Darren Ford (CF, SFG)—Take a look at his minor league SB totals.  He has incredible speed so if he gets on base he will steal a ton of bases.  I have more confidence in Bernadina’s ability to get on base.  He really impressed the Giants front office this Spring Training which is probably why he made the jump from AA to the bigs.  There are worse players to take a flier on, let’s see how he handles the jump.

Mike Wilson (CF, SEA)—He’s not considered much of a prospect but he is having a great start to the season.  The Mariners desperately need help on offense and I don’t think Milton Bradley is coming back.  Might be worth a look in AL only leagues.

Scott Elbert (RP, LAD)—He may be a decent source of Ks out of the bullpen but I’m not buying here.  His other numbers have not been good.  The Dodgers bullpen can’t be so bad and injured that he gets at shot at closer, right?  I’d look for pitching help elsewhere.

Other: Trystan Magnuson (RP, OAK)—He will be a good source of Ks and he probably won’t hurt you but I don’t think there is much more upside.