Minor League Options: June Callup Edition

Minor League Options: June Callup Edition

We wanted to compliment our new feature MLB Callup Report with a regular item covering those minor leaguers who we think will get called up in the near future.  I am a big fan of ESPN’s Jason Grey and his Top 11 of ’11 but are any of those players still available in your league?  While we will touch on more well known prospects, we’ll try and dig a little deeper to get you the names of players who probably aren’t already taken in your league. Before the service time mark at the end of May, beginning of June, it’s tough to predict who will get called up as money is a big factor for most teams.  So we’ll start this feature with a long article trying to uncover all of the prospects who have a good chance to get called up soon when it won’t cost their teams as much money in the long run.

In this feature we will try and rank players based on how long we believe they’ll stay in the Majors and how much they should contribute.  Below is a list of the top prospects we believe will get called up around June 1st (they are probably gone in your league and we think they are must adds if they are not):

1.  Anthony Rizzo (1B, SD)
2.  Brett Lawrie (3B, TOR)
Dustin Ackley (2B, SEA)
4.  Desmond Jennings (OF, TB)
5.  Trayvon Robinson (OF, LAD)
6.  Dayan Viciedo (3B/OF, CWS)
7.  Yonder Alonso (1B, CIN)
8.  Matt Moore (SP, TB)
9.  Wilin Rosario (C, COL)
10.  Jesus Montero (C, NYY)

And because we play in deeper leagues below are a few players who are flying under the radar, might still be available and help your fantasy team:

Brandon Guyer (OF, TB)—He’s actually been up already this season but was demoted two days later.  Guyer went 1 for 3 with a HR in his only start.  I think he’ll hit with some power and get on base at a decent rate if he’s given a chance to play.  There is no way Fuld keeps it up so there will be an opportunity but Desmond Jennings is putting up very similar numbers.  I like both of them and they would both be great to stash with a chance of contributing decent numbers this season.  Jennings is probably taken but Guyer may still be available.  Buy if you can.

Juan Nicasio (SP, COL)—With news out that Jorge De La Rosa will need Tommy John surgery the Rockies are going to start looking for starting pitching options.  Everyone here should already know about his impressive numbers at AA.  I think whatever timeline the Rockies had him on just got moved up big time.

Rex Brothers (RP, COL)—Besides Street and Lindstrom the Rockies bullpen has not been very impressive this season.  Paulino has already been taken off the roster.  Even though his WHIP is a little high Rex’s strikeout numbers have been very impressive, 30 Ks in 16 1/3 innings.  Some still consider him the Rockies’ closer of the future so we can see him soon as they will be competitive all season.

Jordan Danks (CF, CWS)—In all honesty I am not a big fan but the White Sox need help offensively.  He was a popular name at the beginning of the season and many think he is defensively ready to play CF right now.  Kenny Williams is an aggressvie GM and maybe he’ll try some aggressive callups to get his team back in the race.

Eric Surkamp (SP, SFG)—He’s having a hell of a start to the season and if Vogelsong wasn’t pitching so well I’d put him higher on this list.  He’s striking out a ton and has been fairly dominate so far.  If the Giants need another starting pitcher I think it will be Surkamp.

Matt Carpenter (3B, STL)—If he was on the 40 man roster I think he’d be up already.  He has some power and knows how to get on base.  His career OBP in the minors is .400+ thanks to almost as many walks as hits.  And he can actually play 3B.

Charlie Blackmon (OF, COL)—I hesitated putting Blackmon on this list.  I liked Blackmon going into the season but I’ve played the Rockies playing time game before having owned Seth Smith and Eric Young Jr. in the past.  Fowler has been realtively hot recently but the Rockies can’t be to impressed with the production they are getting out of him and Spilbourghs.  Blackmon’s numbers are too good to be ignored.  I say give him a chance (and pick him up if you can).

Collin Cowgill (CF, ARZ)—He’s having a great start to the year in AAA and you know Xavier Nady and Willie Bloomquist are not the long term answer in ARZ (neither of which is swinging a very hot bat right now).  If Parra slows down Cowgill might get a shot here pretty soon but he is probably a couple of weeks away.

We’ll try and make this a regular feature that gives people a heads up on who might get promoted soon and we would love to hear what you think.  And let’s us know of anyone you think will get the call!