MLB Callup Report: June 21

MLB Callup Report: June 21

There has been an incredible amount of prospects promoted in the past week or so.  I think this will be the trend as PEDs are taken out of the game and players break down at a more natural pace.  Taking a look at who was promoted there were a bunch of players who should already be gone in your league and a couple of others who might be available and worth a look.  Below is a list of recently promoted prospects in order of estimated contribution this season (all would be good renewals):

1.  Mike Moustakas (3B, KC) – Power and averge, this prospect should show both this year.
2.  Anthony Rizzo (1B, SD) – See above but slightly down graded because of the home ballpark.
3.  Dustin Ackley (2B, SEA) – I’m not so conifdent in his power this year but he should get on base and provide decent numbers for any fantasy team.
4.  Dee Gordon (SS, LAD) – Speedster with improved on base skills.  Could still 25+ this season.
5.  Charlie Blackmon (OF, COL) – Five tool player who is still proving he can keep it up.  I would ride the hot streak and you may end up with a decent renewal.
6.  Jemile Weeks (2B, OAK) – Lost some prospect shine but has really come on this year.  Don’t expect too much power but should put up decent numbers.
7.  Rubby De La Rosa (SP, LAD) – Love the stuff but I’m concerned the Dodgers will jerk him around between SP and RP.  Still worth a pick up in my book.
8.  Alex Cobb – (SP, TB) – Just demoted but he’ll be back.  I think he has the chance to put up 3rd-4th starter numbers this year.
9.  Mike Carp (1B, SEA) - Has the potential for power and average but should get on base enough not to hurt you. 
10.  Randall Delgado (SP, ATL) – Great prospect who I don’t think will get much playing time this year.  I think he’s a must grab but he won’t help you much this year.

There are a couple of other players who I believe should be on owners’ radars.  They are not receiving a lot of hype but I think they could definitely help, this year and next.

Eric Thames (OF, TOR) – He’s in the minors right now but I don’t think it will stay that way for long.  I think he has the potential to be a solid regular who will put up good not great numbers across the board.  I’m buying (and I think he’ll be an Opening Day starter for them next season).

D.J. LeMahieu (2B/SS, CHC) – I have no idea how the Cubs will handle him with Castro and Barney holding down the MI spots but LeMahieu has been putting up great numbers in the Minros so far.  He probably gets demoted when Jeff Baker comes back but owners should keep an eye on D.J.

Ruben Tejada (2B/SS, NYM) – For some reason I have always liked this guy.  His numbers won’t blow you away and I think he’ll help not hurt your roster.  I think there is an argument to be made for picking him up if you have a hole to fill and if Reyes gets traded Tejada should get lots of playing time.