Reader’s Input: Future Top 250

If word hasn’t gotten out to everyone yet, Brian and I are working on a Top 250 List for the readers of this site. It will work a little differently than most, and I’ll explain why in the post.

The objective of this post is to get the readers’ ideas on players that are deserving of being listed in the top 250 players. We want to hear some of your deeper sleepers, maybe you have to have a reason (“Projectable” or “Great Fastball, future plus curve”) or maybe you just let the numbers stand for themselves. Either way, we want to give you an opportunity to voice your opinion on the list before it comes out. Some players will make it, some won’t, and that ultimately comes down to myself and Brian putting all the names together in an order we think fits well. However, there are always guys who you mention who we say “darn, he probably should have fit in somewhere around here and there.”

So this is your chance to be a part of the list before we publish it. Before you get to complain about a player being omitted, you might be able to see where he does rank when we do consider him. And if you post a player and we continue to omit him, well then you just give yourself bragging rights to that guy when he does pan out the way you think he will.

This list will be different than any other list we’ve posted on this site. We didn’t start with the former top 100, adjust some guys, and continue forth. Instead, we scrapped every single name. From Profar on down. And then we put it together, one player at a time. And if someone looked out of place, we’d fix that up as we went along. So, when you look at the list and say “Wow, so and so has really gone up from the last ranking,” remember we’re not trying to alter the last one but rather start a new one. Every player is debated “well we should like him better than the player below, and less than the player above,” which helps us set up the relative values of each player. I guarantee there are going to be quite a few “WOW” rankings on it, both for high and for low. But, starting from scratch, we think we are better able to assess the player values as of right now than going off of pre-existing rankings.

Right now we’re just busy working hard. To update you on how far we are, we finished the top 101 and are now reviewing it to see any minor changes that need to be made to make it to our liking. With two brains, it’s really not easy balancing two very different opinions, but they do form a good system of checks and balances saying “Yes, we should do that” or “No, not so fast. I still like Player Z better.”

We hope to publish the minute the list is done, so that it can hopefully aid you in the various off-season drafts and many different formats. As always, we’re open for critiques and thoughts on all the list. But for right now, it’s your chance to avoid those and maybe get that sleeper ranked on the list.

We hope that you take advantage of this chance to voice your opinion on many different guys who you think are deserving of a slot, and maybe your inner used car salesman turns out selling the player to us!


Kyle and Brian