Top 250: A Prelude

Okay, so here’s a little teaser to our Deep Leagues Top 250 List. For all intents and purposes, we’re finally done with the list! Major thanks to Brian for his hard work non stop on the list, and Bradley and Geo for their editing and suggestions to the list. Without all of the help we’ve received, this list would never have come to fruition.

Now, we’ve decided to change the format of the post. Instead of just posting the straight list, we’re going to divide it up into five different lists, each containing 50 players. We will go more in depth into each list, and examine and highlight (and lowlight) four players. These four players will fit into the following categories:

1 Player we’re “High” on

1 Player we’re “Low” on

2 Sleepers (one from Kyle, one from Brian)

So in this format, you will end up getting 10 sleepers from the list, five players who are highlighted for being higher on our rankings than most, and five players who we think less of than the typical fan or the crowd. With hours and hours of debating between players and the list in general, we came to the conclusion that this would best enhance the reader’s understanding of some placements without going overboard and over analyzing every last bit of the rankings. Remember that each ranking is subject to change at any moment, and even as we were editing other sections we’d still be debating earlier ones that changed or that we saw differently. Three days ago, we were debating top 10 players versus one another while putting together the list from 200 to 225.

So, as a teaser to the list, which will be published (Schedule TBD) over the next week or two, here are the honorable mentions to the list (ten agreed, five Brian, five Kyle). Of course, in no particular order!

Agreed Honorable Mentions

HM Matt Den Deckker OF NYM
HM Adalberto Mondesi SS KC
HM Jairo Beras OF TEX
HM Chris Heston RHP SFG
HM Chris Owings SS ARI
HM Jake Hager SS TAM
HM Ty Hensley RHP NYY
HM Daniel Langfield RHP CIN
HM Gabriel Guerrero OF SEA
HM Ryan Brett 2B TAM
HM Matt Purke LHP WAS
HM Stefan Romero 2B SEA
HM Cameron Gallagher C KC
HM Nathan Karns RHP WAS
HM Seth Maness RHP STL
HM Cody Asche 3B PHI
HM Kyle Lotzkar RHP CIN
HM Anthony Renaudo RHP BOS
HM Clay Holmes RHP PIT
HM JT Realmuto C MIA

HM Matt Den Deckker (OF, NYM)

HM Adalberto Mondesi (SS, KC)

HM Jairo Beras (OF, TEX)

HM Chris Owings (SS, ARI)

HM Jake Hager (SS, TAM)

HM Ryan Brett (2B, TAM)

HM Matt Purke (LHP, WAS)

HM Stefan Romero (2B, SEA)

HM Kyle Lotzkar (RHP, CIN)

HM JT Realmuto (C, MIA)

Brian’s Honorable Mentions

HM Chris Heston (RHP, SFG)

HM Daniel Langfield (RHP, CIN)

HM Gabriel Guerrero (OF, SEA)

HM Nathan Karns (RHP, WAS)

HM Seth Maness (RHP, STL)

Kyle’s Honorable Mentions

HM Ty Hensley (RHP, NYY)

HM Cody Asche (3B, PHI)

HM Cameron Gallagher (C, KC)

HM Anthony Renaudo (RHP, BOS)

HM Clay Holmes (RHP, PIT)

Feel free to discuss below, the next post should be up within the next two days, likely much sooner! Hopefully you enjoy the series!