Coming before January 12th: 2013 Top 100



NOTE: This post is ever updating. I’ve changed it four times today! The date does in fact keep changing for the better BECAUSE we are well ahead of schedule, and you are not going crazy. I hope you stick with us, this list will be up in the very near future and there will be immense discussion about it!

In the next week, we will have a 2013 Top 100 prospects!

I’ll try to keep this updated as much as possible, but here’s the schedule:

1. Rough outline of list (Gather names): COMPLETE

2. Order names into groups of similar value: COMPLETE

3. Rank names 1 to 100, first draft: COMPLETE

4. Sort any honorable mentions: COMPLETE

5. Revise list with any big omissions, and double check players (no glaring injuries): COMPLETE

6. Player v. Player battles (who would I rather have, in a vacuum?): COMPLETE

7. Asking for outsider help from trusted editors: IN PROCESS

8. Type up sentences on High/Low/Sleeper guys: COMPLETE

9: Current Number of Comments: 97¬†(and counting) – I figured I’d write up as much about the players as I possibly could between now and when I publish the list. So I’ve just been writing in my free time. I’ve knocked out nearly all of the reports. This post is going to be extremely long. I’ve had 3-4 sentences on each player, so the post is going to be a super read if you’re able to handle it. I tried to stay away from numbers and give mostly fantasy advice, unless I was projecting a stat line or their future. You guys can all look up numbers, I just tried to be concise on how the players looked and their fantasy relevance.

10. Publish the list for all to read: WILL BE DONE BEFORE JANUARY 12TH, 2013

I am curious to poll everyone here. If you have one name that you think you are extremely high on, compared to the rest of the prospecting universe, feel free to list it and give a few words/sentences about him.

I think I’ve made mine clear:

Robert Stephenson (RHP, CIN) – I think he’s a future Ace, he was underrated being drafted so low, after that (incredible) 2011 pitching draft. So on my personal top 100 that will be posted, you’ll see my belief in him.

Feel free to post yours!