2013 Top 30 Players by Position: Primer

Hello all,

I would like to start this post by briefly introducing myself to all of DeepLeagues.com’s faithful readers. My name is Andy Barnes. I have been playing fantasy baseball for going on 13 seasons. The majority of my leagues have been H2H based, but primarily 16 team or larger, H2H most cats with 7×7 scoring, some with salaries and contracts and some without. I currently act as commissioner in a handful of 16 team or larger leagues, one of which, Deep Leagues Franchise League, was formed by visitors to this site, with the purpose of using that league as examples for posts on this site. I am also an aspiring amateur scout but I prefer to consider myself an analyst more than anything else, since I tend to lean towards stats when making player evaluations. Now enough about me.

The “Top 30 Players by Position” series will be posted regularly throughout the winter and spring training. As the name says, it’s primary purpose is to list the top 30 MLB players by position, but starting pitchers and relief pitchers will contain more than the top 30. These lists are assembled with two mainĀ  ideas at their core. 1) The list is not just for the upcoming season, but also has an eye towards the next 3 years. However, next season has a heavier weight to it than 3 years down the road. 2) To use stat analysis to pinpoint trends in a player’s career to help make more informed decisions, but the stat analysis does not make up the entirety of the evaluation.

The lists will be published in the following order:

  1. C- Tentatively scheduled for a 01/22/13 release.
  2. 1B
  3. 2B
  4. 3B
  5. SS
  6. LF
  7. CF
  8. RF
  9. DH
  10. RP
  11. SP

There will also be projections listed alongside the evaluations, these projections are a product of Rotochamp and I am in no way claiming them as my own.

I hope that everyone enjoys the addition of MLB analysis to the already solid prospect lists and discussions. Also, I will do my best to respond to as many comments as I can once the posts have been published. I look forward to sharing my view with all of you and learning a thing or two from you in the process.