Top 20 by Position: Primer

This is the primer to the Top 15 prospects by position. This should last us a while. After much thought, I’ve decided that I’d rather write one longer blurb covering the whole position in general than each player blurb, because most of the prospects have been written up already (I’d say about half at each position). So I don’t see the point of rewriting everything when nothing really has changed. I may end up tagging 1-2 players on the Top 15 (or somewhere just off the list) as “sleepers” to skyrocket. They won’t be the sleepers from the series either, so you’ll get some new guys to focus on as well.

You may notice that some players are out of order relative to the Top 100. This is on purpose. I don’t just randomly mix it up. But the more I analyze the players and look over new lists and information (Sickels, Law, etc.) I get a better feel of the market value of players. So you’ll see some changes. And when I come out with my final draft of the 2013 prospect list sometime in March, you’ll see how things changed from my initial post.

I’ll update the schedule when I get a chance. As of right now, here’s the order and the schedule for the posts:

All Dates Subject to Change:

Catcher (20)

First Base (20)

Second Base (20)

Third Base (20)

Shortstop (20)

Corner Outfield (20-25?)

Center Field (20)

Starting Pitcher (35-40)

Relief Pitcher (20)


After I post my first list (Catchers) I’ll have an idea of how long it takes to write it and how much I can get posted in how short of time. Assembling the lists is semi-difficult, but acquiring the information to decide between two prospects like 7-8 times is the most time consuming part.

Hope you like the series! This will hopefully dig deeper into prospects so that you all may understand my valuations on a positional basis.