So now we’ve entered mid-February, which comes with some more fun to be had! I’ll be rolling out new stuff all this month and next to keep you interested and locked into your fantasy farms until opening day!


Project One: Top 25 Prospects for 2013

I haven’t begun this project, as it’s taken a back seat to Projects 2/3. I’ve drafted a list of this, and I’ll get it going soon enough, but I’m going to try and get the other projects moving first.


Project Two: Top 20 Prospects by Position

So for the positions we have:


1B – Scheduled for March 7, 2013

2B – In Progress

3B – Pending

SS – Pending

Corner OF – Pending

CF – Pending

SP – Pending

RP – Pending

Hopefully this lasts us through the rest of the off-season, and I’ll see if I can squeeze things in on the side when possible. We’ll have to see, depends on my workload (so please everyone beg my teachers for less work!).


Project Three: Reader Profiles! – Scheduled for March 9, 2013

Hunter Morris – Complete

Lewis Brinson – Complete

JR Graham – In Progress

Gary Brown – In Progress


Project Four: Updated Top 100 Prospects

I’m going to try to make this my last off-season project, with an updated Top 100 prospects. I’m watching some spring games and that might tweak it some, and I’m definitely going to come equipped with new information concerning guys I probably should have had on before, now that I’ve gotten to read the insight of Law, Sickels, BA, BP, and others. Should be worthwhile to read!


Project Five: Would You Rather: Trades

I’ve found these amusing and fun to do, to sculpt out very close trades that are always fun to pick sides. They seemed to get a few responses to start, and I’m going to keep them up to see what people think. I’m going to try not to keep prospects in more than one, so that there is variance in every trade and not the same old players.

Trade Edition One – Posted

Trade Edition Two – Scheduled for March 6, 2012

Trade Edition Three – In Progress

Trade Edition Four – Pending

NOW: I want your suggestions. What do you want to read about? What do you need from this site to help you dominate your fantasy league? There’s a ton of stuff out there, and I know that you have specific stuff about your league that you like to hear that can help you. And I know that the community is more than happy to help as well. So comment away.


Please note that I do stay away from the international market. I don’t analyze the Japanese or Cuban or Latino markets because I don’t think it’s worthwhile versus spending more time on prospects who are stateside. When they prove they are worthy of attention (Puig, Soler), I’ll gladly give it to them. I also wait to do my draft research until April/May time. It’s like studying the NFL draft and mock drafting players before the NFL combine, when things change (guys fall from the 1st to the 3rd and guys climb from the 5th to the 2nd). So I likely won’t have much out about that until the MLB Draft starts nearing, and baseball season is well underway.