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Deep Leagues was founded by two attorneys who attended the University of Texas as undergraduates and now live in Houston. We each have been owners in a 23 team keeper league, with farm players, for a combined 20+ seasons.  Our own quests for the latest information that may be helpful in developing a fantasy baseball team have led to the creation of Deep Leagues.

The players discussed here will often be completely irrelevant to people who play in 10-12 team leagues.   We are concerned about second catchers, filling a fifth outfield spot and coming up with at least six starting pitchers. This site frequently discusses prospects.  Most prospect sites rank prospects on their ability to help major league teams.  This issue is not important here.  For example, Michael Brantley’s 50 steals make him an elite prospect while any defensive issues downgrade him only to the extent it will prevent him from reaching the field to help your team.  So while he may creep down Baseball America’s top prospect list he would still be a top prospect in fantasy baseball.

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Any feedback is appreciated. If you have any fantasy baseball-related inquiries, whether you should pull the trigger on a free agent or start a certain pitcher/hitter, if it is about fantasy baseball we’ll answer.

All photos were found via.  If you want credit for a photo or if we use a photo of yours and you want it down, email us.




We would like to give special thanks to Lauren Carlton for our logo.  She is a talented artist and you can check out more of her stuff here.